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Mary Maugeridge
Born c. 1668[1]
Bradnich, near Exeter, Devonshire, England[2]
Died Feb 13, 1741[3]
Resting place Friends Burying-Ground, Exeter, Pennsylvania[4]
Spouse George Boone III (m. 1689) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: George Boone III to Mary Maugeridge" Location: (linkback:, St. Disens Church, Bradninch, England[5]
Children Sarah Boone[6]
Parents John Maugridge
Mary Milton[7]
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One of George's and Mary's grandchildren was the American frontiersman Daniel Boone.


[edit] Immigration

George and Mary were Quakers--members of the Society of Friends in Callumpton, Devonshiore.

In 1713, they sent their three oldest children to America to scout it out. Four years later, in 1717, they immigrated. They left from traveled from their home in Bradnich, Devonshire, Engand to Bristol and set sail on August 17th, 1717, arriving in Philadelphia on October 13th[8].

[edit] Time in America

George joined the Quaker group, Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of Friends, and is recorded in several of their minutes[9].

George built a log cabin in 1720. Later, after growing more prosperous, he built a stone house (which was still standing at the time of writing of The Boone Family) nearby that is marked today by a stone that reads:

House built in 1733 by
GEORGE BOONE, grandfather of
Daniel Boone
Site of Geo. Boone's log house, built about 1720
Historical Society of Berks Co.

George Boone IIIs House.png

[edit] Death

According to The Boone Family:

When George Boone III died it is said that his remains were carried into the stone house and from there to his burial in the Friends' burying-ground at Exeter Meeting House. And old family Bible record the fact that "When Grandfather died he left 8 children, 52 grandchildren and 10 great-grand children living [...]

In accordance with the custom of the Friends Society, no stones mark the graves of George Boone III and his wife Mary, but a far greater memorial is found in the thousands of descendants who unite in honoring their memory.

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